Panel #3- Elizabeth Amento, SF

It's the moment you've all been waiting for~ THE FIRST UPDATE OF EL TRAVO COLLABO 2011!

Let's go ahead and get into this, shall we? The fabulously talented Elizabeth Amento was the first artist on Panel #3's bill and she went to town on it and did her thing. Elizabeth is a painter and installation artist based out of San Francisco who's colorful work is both inviting and interactive. My first experience of Elizabeth's work were these awesome installations called "Cuddle Puddles" which where literally piles of colorful plush amoebas that BEGGED you to jump into them. Basically, they are her paintings brought to life and I can't get enough of them!

Check out her website to see more of what she does~ www.elizabethamento.com

But enough chit chat, here is Panel #2 with the first layer of work done by the Queen of the Cuddle Puddles:

AH, I love it! Love the colors, love the rhythm and I dig how the shapes almost seem like they are undulating and moving right on the panel.... heart.

And just for shits and giggles, each artist on the Collabo will be answering some questions. The purpose of the interviews are so you all get to know the artists a little bit better but also so you all don't get totally sick of me and my horrible writing skills... It's ok, I know I suck at writing:

Hello, I am Elizabeth Amento

I was born in MA, grew up in the Bay Area CA, spent 8 years in Boston MA, and now I live in SF.
I paint and make sculptural installations. I am the Assistant Manager at the Artist & Craftsman in SF.

1. What is your earliest “artistic” memory?
My mom showing me how to do a cool art project.

2. What are three words that best describe your artwork?
Colorful, biomorphic, inviting.

3. What inspires you to create?
Moments that make me want to keep living, usually good friends, momentous occasions, and visual stimulation.

4. What is your main goal in life?
To feel successful.

5. Name something you love.
Mixing paint into beautiful colors.

6. What makes you angry?
People who don't enjoy the moment.

7. What is your dream project?
A large scale installation.

8. What has been coming out of your speakers when you've been painting recently?
Pandora. Today is The Black Keys Radio, with added variety of Van Morrison.

9. If you were a cocktail on a drink menu at a bar, what would your name be?
Spicy and Sophisticated.

10. If you could collaborate with any other artist [living or dead], who would it be and why?
The artists in this project!

11. What is the best bit of advice that you have ever been given?
If it's bad advice, you don't have to take it.

12. If you had one chance to say one sentence for the whole world to hear, what would it be?
Remember to have fun.

Damn straight ya'll better remember to have fun. Speaking of fun, wasn't that a hoot?

So, next up on the list is my old friend from back in the day, Sarah Holbach. I've known her since high school and have always admired her CRAZY cool imagination and I'm about to pee my pants at the thought of what she might do with this panel while it's in her possession.... I knew I should have worn a diaper today.

Little ol' Panel #3 is getting packed up and is going to make her way down to Sarah's doorstep in sunny San Diego. Expect an update on her in a week or so. Until then, keep an eye out because we're still waiting to see panels #1 and #2 in their beginning stages.

Peace and so much love to you all!


p.s- Much love and respects to Elizabeth for working on this project, I think her and her puddles of color make the world a better place.

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