Battle of the Sexies

I mean Sexes. I mean art is sexy.

This time, we're gonna get down with a little friendly competition, boys VS. girls style. 2 panels, one with all female artists, the other with all guys. The winning panel will be decided by YOU, the viewer and what do they win? Well, duh- the coveted collabo bragging rights!

Here is the line up!

Panel #4:

1. Ed He- San Francisco
2. P. Dilla- Roseville
3. Eddie Shiffer- El Centro
4. Kevin Sechelski- Houston


1. Jen Oaks- Berkeley
2.J DUB- Moreno Valley
3. Erin Hamilton- Oakland
4. Corrin Duran- Covina

And who knows... your girl ELROD might even throw down on this one. I've been itching to get my hands on one of these panels!

Check back next week for the progress on this competition, it's gonna be legit.

Peace and Much Artists Love to You ALL


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