Panel #1- Ryan Martinez, SF

Daaaaaaang, slacker! Ryan Martinez FINALLY passed off the panel in the #1 spot to the next artist on the bill and we can FINALLY see what it's looking like... Hahaha Ok, Ok, I won't try and make him feel any worse about it. I mean, he did a pretty awesome job on it. Plus, I'm not even one to talk. I'm queen of the slackers so I guess it's only appropriate that he painted a glorious golden king on the panel- Check it!

I've been an admirer of Ryan's work for a while because he's always hustlin' his art and doing sweet ass live painting gigs at clubs in the city. Here's the short list of some folks he's collaborated with already:

Fedde Le Grand
Laidback Luke
The Crystal Method
Snoop Dogg
Donald Glaude
DJ Dan
Doc Martin
Mark Farina
DJ Heather
DJ Colette
Miguel Migs
Lisa Shaw
Julius Papp
The Martinez Brothers
Luckyiam from the Living Legends
DJ Swamp
VJ Vello Virkhaus

So, OF COURSE I had to ask him to get down on the project! Make sure you check out his website and follow his work because this guy is making moves and it'll be cool to see where his ambition and talents take him~

What is your earliest “artistic” memory?

Drawing my mom as she worked in her office and copying the backs of disney vhs covers to pass time, namely Mickey's Christmas Carol

What are three words that best describe your artwork?

music, nature, life

What inspires you to create?

Feeling my chest rattle as I walk into a bass heavy nightclub or music festival. watching smoke twist around in the sunlight. a beautiful woman.

What is your main goal in life?

To inspire and be smiling while i do it.

Name something you love, and why.

Electronic dance music. because it is universal and makes me move like a jabbawockee

What makes you angry?

Dumb mutha fuckas, and smart mutha fuckas who get shit twisted

What is your dream


To be part of the dopest live art collab in Golden Gate park, while doing a live vj set on stage with BT and Thievery Coorporation, at Sunset... on DMT

What has been coming out of your speakers when you've been painting recently?

Dubstep, Glitch, and Electro. namely Skrillex, Pretty Lights, Pendulum and Rusko. BT is always a constant as well...

If you were a cocktail on a drink menu at a bar, what would your name be?

The Supernova, or Skinny Nova

If you could collaborate with any other artist [living or dead], who would it be and why?

Vello Virkhaus, concert visuals, vj. vsquaredlabs.com Ive actually already had the pleasure of working with this video genius. got to edit some of the original pink floyd concert footage in his studio for ultra music festival in miami! would love to mix my live painting/ digital illustration with his vj work at some of the biggest music events in north america...

What is the best bit of advice that you have ever been given?

Just keep doing whatever it is that you are doing...

If you had one chance to say one sentence for the whole world to hear, what would it be?

"I am IllestRated, Hear me ROAR!!!"

Right on homie, thanks for getting down with this project! NEXT on the list is a fella by the name of Paul Nicholas Mendoza. I've shown my art with his twice before and i always get great vibes from this cat. His work is fantastic, can't wait to show you more!

You'll be hearing from me next week for a few new updates and THE BEGINNING OF ROUND 2!!! Two new panels will be getting set out into circulation and 8 new artists will be lined up to do the dirty.

Thanks for being a part of this, artists AND spectators... I appreciate you all more thank you'll ever know.

Love and Respect,


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