Today, February 21st, Officially kicks off the beginning of El Travo Collabo 2011!

All artists that are first on the list in round #1 have the panels within their possession and I am so DAMN excited to see this project taking flight again.

Here is the line up for the first round [Panels# 1-3]:

Panel #1-

1. Ryan Martinez- SF, CA
2. Paul Nicholas Mendoza- Campbell, CA
3. Lindsey Chesus- Redlands, CA
4. Albert Ramos- SF, CA
5. Justin Delacuesta- Sacramento, CA

Panel #2-

1. K Mac- Naperville, ILL
2. David Rogers- Provo, Utah
3. Gilbert- Reno, NV
4. Webster Kim- Sacramento, CA
5. Ryan Flores- Daly City, CA

Panel #3-

1. Elizabeth Amento- SF, CA
2. Sarah Holbach- San Diego, CA
3. Forest Stearns- Oakland, CA
4. Gian Norte- Montebello, CA

Each artists in the number one slots are getting FRESH, RAW, UNTOUCHED panels to work with. She's young [but legal], she wants you to do whatever you want with her, and she cant wait for you to put your hands on her~

Each artist has until next Monday, February 28th, to do the naughty with the panels and then it's time to kiss her goodbye and send her off to the next person on the list [she's a dirty whore].

We'll be getting photo updates from each artist as the panels fill up, so check back every week for updates and new posts! We'll also post mini-interviews and links to the artists websites so you can follow the rest of their goodness.


Peace and Love


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