The starting Line Up!

What up art appreciators!!!

OK, here is our starting line up for El Travo Collabo 2011:

Forest Stearns
K Mac
Kevin Sechelski
Lindsey Chesus
Nicky Davis
Erin Hamilton
Eddie Schiffer
Dannee123- "Thift"
Bri Wishengrad
Jen Oaks
Brian Treitler
Justin Delacuesta
Ryan Flores
Webster Kim
Ryan Martinez
Laura Marks
Sarah Holbach
Karmene Pruzinskis
Elizabeth Amento
Anna-Lisa Stardust van der Valk
Paul Nicholas Mendoza
Saunders Hildreth
Albert Ramos
Ed He
Kieran Collins
Kellie Peach
Adonia Middleton
Gian Norte
Agent Peach
Jessi Kempin
Phillip Garza
Corrin Duran
Kasey Mahoney

Everyone ranges from fine artist painters, illustrators, photographers, welders, mixed media artists, zombie makers, stencil cutters, paint drippers, wall scribes and god knows what else!

We're kicking off in a few days and I cannot WAIT to see how this projects turns out!

New posting in just a few days, please stand by!

Love and Respects,


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