FINAL ROUND! Battle of the Sexes Finale

Hey art lovers~
OoooooOOoooh I'm so happy right now... We have the next two panels all complete and ready for you to gawk at. EVEN BETTER, it's the ::GONG:: Battle of the Sexes panels! Hell yeah! Now we get to check out what the two teams created in an effort to out-collaborate each other.

As usual, we're gonna start with my girls, heeeeey ladies!!!!

Last up on panel #5 is Ms. Corrin Duran of Covina, CA. Corrin is known for her bold and bright artwork and from what I have seen, she carries on very upbeat/ happy themes. She's got a feel-good vibe and it totally resonates in her art. I think this panel was perfect for her because it already had that sweet babe lounging out all mellow with her jams and flower patterns~ totally made for Corrin's aesthetic. Check it out and enjoy her interview:

What is your earliest “artistic” memory?

My earliest memory would have to be trying to throw a tag on the ground with my chalk...hahah. I remember drawing brick walls and writing on them.

What are three words that best describe your artwork?

Colorful,eclectic and fun

What inspires you?

Graffiti,robots,monsters and myloved ones.

What is your goal in life?

To make sure I fulfill some purpose in life. Also to travel and do art.

Name something you love, and why.

Avocados!!! because they are just so damn good!

What makes you angry?

When people complain about something continuously when they can change it.

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

Cabbage patch kids. My mom would watch my little cousin and I would steal all his diapers and baby food and use them for my dolls. They were well taken care of hahaha

What is your favorite toy now?

I-pod. I can't go anywhere without it.

What is your “dream” art project?

I really want to start a graffiti magazine. I have so many flicks and ideas.

What have you been listening too while you’ve been working on your art[recently]?

recently it's DJ Sneak,Aesop,The Black Keys and Kaskade

If you were a cocktail on a drink menu at a bar, what would your name be?

Well... I prefer beer but as a cocktail i would say CHUNKY BUT FUNKY!

If you could go back in time and talk to “8 year old YOU”, what would you say to her/him?

Dang this question is kinda deep. I would say "pay attention in school this stuff does really matter in the real world."

If you could collaborate with any other artist [living or dead], who would it be and why?

I would have to say Brandon Boyd. I'm a huge fan of his art and his lyrics.

What is the best bit of advice that you have ever been given?

Any advice my parent's usually give is right on but the one thing that always sticks with me is " You can't make everyone happy so do what is best for you."

If you had a chance to say one sentence for the whole world to hear, what would you say?

Love yourself and never stop learning.

AWESOME. Girl rocked the panel and someone stick a fork in it, THIS PANEL IS DONEZO, BABY! Hell yeah! These four ladies definitely created something special here. A glorious babe jamming out to some tunes as the vibes and flowers float about to the beat... goooorgeous! Shit, I really wish I was better writer so I can put into words how I feel about this battle... it's amazing you guys!

And now that the ladies have showed us what they got, it's time to see what the boys have retaliated with.

Last up on Panel #4 is a truly talented artist and bonafide hustler from Houston, TX, Kevin Sechelski. I met this guy through the NeoPopStreetFunk board show and I've gotten to know his art and work ethic relatively well... The boy can hustle. He works in real estate, graphic design, fine art, AND is a daddy/husband.... HOW DOES HE DO IT???

My name is Kevin Sechelski [shell-ski]... I live in Houston, Texas and work in real estate, graphic design and fine art.

What is your earliest "artistic" memory?

Growing up i was always drawing and creating things...Mt older brother would come home from school displaying 80's heavy metal omages drawn on his schoolbooks by other kids in class. I remember trying to draw them myself over and over again until I got it right.

What are three words that best describe your artwork?

Emotional, intense, and ever-changing...

What inspires you?

I really want to inspire other people...I want to create a reaction or conversation and be able to communicate a thought or idea. I want people to feel something inside that makes me look back when they walk away. I said one time that art should punch you int the stomach and leave you gasping for air...

What is your goal in life?

Man this is a hard one... I feel goals change every five years but at this point my one goal is to be the best dad and husband I can. Art wise, i would like to stay consistent in showing my work and maybe one day try to become a full-time artist. Also, maybe making it on the cover of Juxtapoz Magazine would be kinda cool too.

Name something you love and why.

Beer! Because it makes my face happy!

What makes you angry?

People's bandwagon approach to politics...seems like no one can think for themselves these days...

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

I had an E.T. doll that never left my side...

What is your favorite toy now?

My gas powered skateboard...

What is your "dream" art project?

I would love to do a complete installation at a major contemporary museum...

What have you been listening to while you work on your art [recently]?

Manchester Orchestra, Mumford & Sons and some old 80's rap...

If you were a cocktail on a drink menu at a bar, what would your name be?

"Dyn-O-Mite" that's a little J.J from "Good times"

If you could collaborate with any other artist [living or dead], who would it be and why?

Kinda wish I could collaborate with the 10-year old version of me. Life has different visions of mind from different age points.
Or Robert Rauschenberg.

What is the best bit of advice that you have ever been given?

"Treat each opportunity as if it's your last"

If you had a chance to say one sentence for the whole world to hear, what would you say?

"If you're not happy with your life, stop bitching and do something about it"

Ok, no for reals, I LOVE his bit of advice part... man, good shit homie! But what do you all think about his work that completed the Boys' panel? Pretty sweet, right???? Thank you for partaking in el collabo, Kevin. You really helped make this project a memorable and exciting one. Keep up the work and I just know that one day we will be seeing you on the front cover of ALL the art magazines.

OK! So, what have you? WHO DO YOU THINK WON THE BATTLE???? Did Jen, Janelle, Erin and Corrin take the title with their colorful babe panel, or did Ed, Oscar, Eddie and Kevin impress you with their hilariously awesome work??? THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE [well, technically FOUR, but ONE PANEL].


On the ladies panel:

The hot bikini babe done by JEN OAKS of Berkeley

The beat box and jay bird by J DUB [Janelle Cuba] of Moreno Valley

The gorgeous tattoo work and floral designs by ERIN HAMILTON of Oakland

Sound and color vibrations by CORRIN DURAN of Covina

Back of the panel! Artist sigs!

And one final look at it!

Now for the BOYS!

The fighting cock of fury by ED HE

The Colonel by P.DILLA [Oscar Padilla]

Dino-riding robot by EDDIE SHIFFER

Whale and prints by KEVIN SECHELSKI!

Back of the beast

And for your final viewing pleasure...

Seriously you guys, this battle was bad ass and you have got to take a sec and give these artists some love in the comments area below. Tell us all what you did about this battle and WHO DO YOU THINK WON????

To the winner goes the bragging rights!

Cast your votes and thank you all so much. Peace, Love and Art!