Panel #8- Phillip Garza of Ontario, CA

Gather 'round children, gather 'round! It's time to hear from our resident SoCal blogger, Ms. MellyMel Sanchez of LA [hoodeehoo]~

Hey Everyone!

You’re in for a treat with Panel # 8. Its made its way from the Bay to LA and back again! I have to say this panel has to be one of the most diverse group of artists to work together. I love how Elrod set that up!

Well, I’m excited to introduce you to one of the most talented people I know, Phillip Garza. I’ve known Phillip forever and always admired his mad skillz as an artist. As a youngin’ he started drawing portraits of artists such as Al Green from album covers. Into the 90’s he got into graff work and focused on tagging and airbrushing. That reminds me, I never did get my airbrush Tigger shirt. Back in the day he went by the name SOED, and still uses it as his mantra “start over each day”.

Lately, Phillip is focused on his creative roots of drawing portraits of people and realism with a 9b pencil on vellum Bristol. Check out some of Phillip’s work on his site here and appreciate the beautiful work he contributed to the project. Nice work SOED! -MellyMel

My name is Phillip "SOED" Garza, I am from Ontario, CA I.E reppin'.

What is your earliest artistic memory?

Trying to draw graff style pieces when I was 8. I used to carry around a shoebox with magic markers and paper.

What are three words that describe your artwork?

Honest, emotional, graff-fite

What inspires you?

Everything around me inspires me. my wife, my kids, my family, friends, assholes in line at the grocery store, everything. For my contribution I was inspired by all the people in the words that have to find the courage to face another day for whatever damn reason. If you go to school and there is a little dickhead that messes with you, you find the courage at the end of the day to say "you didn't get the best of me". To me, that person is rad or if you lost a loved one for whatever reason reason- death, divorce, incarceration- and you find the strength to hold on to everything because falling apart would be the easy thing to do. This piece was for every one on the grind and looking at a stack of late notices, for every single mother that makes sure her kid has twice the role model potential in herself to make up for what should have been a man. I did this for everyone that faces their struggle head on and says "What you got today fucker?".

What makes you angry?

Way too many things to list but my current list of things that anger me: People that drive and disregard the safety others from being drunk, texting or any other general jackassery. When you ask for extra ranch and they give you one. People who can't get past what was cool to them when they were 17...can't stand that shit. If hip hop is dead what are you doing to resurrect it? Sorry about that. Oh yeah, and I still can't find my iPod.

What was your favorite toy as a kid??

Star Wars Boba Fett.

What is your favorite toy now?

I'm not comfortable answering that. Next question.

What is your dream art project?

I usually react impulsively, so I am going to say a portrait if Einstein with a tattoo sleave of all of the characters from the Flinstone universe.

What have you been listening to while you've been working on your art [recently]?

My musical tastes vary. I was listening to Big Sandy, Vicki Tafoya, Errol Dunkley, Frankie Sugar Chile Robinson, Los Gatoe Locos, Downset and a lot of risque blues from the '40s and '50s.

If you were a cocktail on a menu at a bar, what would your name be?

I would be a glass cold and tall, filled with a drink called "Fukitol".

If you could go back in time and talk to 8 year old YOU, what would you say to him?

There are going to be a lot of people in your life, some of them good, a few of them not so good. Always try to be one of the good one in someone else's memories. Oh, and really does hurt later in life from popping your knuckles so please stop now.

If you could collaborate with any other artist [living or dead], who would it be and why?

I have so many people I look up to artistically, it would be hard to pick. For me, I would definitely say I would love to work with anyone that digs what I put out there and can vibe off of my interpretations. We can figure the rest out as we talk about the project.

What is the best bit of advice that you have ever been given?

Act as though you have some damned sense- My Mom

If you had one chance to say one sentence for the whole word to hear, what would you say?

If you are unhappy with something, in your life, fix it and when you order a burger at Tommy's, get the chili on the side [you get more so you can dip you fries without have to pay for the chili for the fries].

The panel has already made her great trip back home to the bay and is in the hands of the man, SAUNDERS HILDRETH. I anticipate great things from you, Panel #8. You will bring honor and glory to your family.

From the bay to the I.E- 402.1 miles

Good night and stay classy, San Diego.


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