Panel #9- Emilio Villalba, San Francisco CA

Hey there friends,

I must say, there are many things in this wonderful world that bring a smile to my face, but nothing makes this girl grin from ear to ear like a new panel on the collab! I am so pleased to present to you Panel #9! The artists on this bill are some of the most talented and hard-working heads on the project and I am honored to work with them all.

First up on Panel #9 is my very dear homie, Emilio Villalba [mijo!]. I've known Emilio for a few years now and watched his artistic style go from digital, to
abstract, to traditional and all the way to his very own unique style that I have come to love. His current work pulls from traditional dynamic symmetry with a fresh contemporary feel. If you check out his website, you'll see a nice variety of his skills- Check it out, it's some GREAT stuff- http://emiliovillalba.wordpress.com/
My name is Emilio Villalba and I am from Southern California [currently living in San Francisco] and I am a student.

What is your earliest artistic memory?

In 3rd grade I drew a tiger and won an award.

What are three words that describe your art work?

Spirit, Body & Mind

What inspires you?


What is your goal in life?

To maintain energy

Name something you love and why.

Music is a thing, right? Maybe it a dependency issue i have with music. I grew up with music and I wouldn't go a day without it.

What makes you angry?

Los Lakers not making it this year!

What was yoru favorite toy as a kid?

My nintendo and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure collection

What is your favorite toy now?

My 1994 Cavalier!

What is your "dream" art project?

Working with Kieran Collins. STREET ART coming soon...

What have you been listening to while you've been working on your art [recently]?

Panda Bear's latest album

If you were a cocktail on a menu at a bar, what would your name be?

Don't know... would I be gluten free?

If you could go back in time and talk to "8 year old YOU", what would you say to her/him?

Chancho....when you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants, in your room...is for fun.

If you could collaborate with any artist [living or dead], who would it be and why?

Lou Reed, He's the coolest.

What is the best advise you have ever been given?

"You've got to be environmentally friendly"- Kieran Collins [yesterday]

If you had a chance to say one sentence for the whole world to hear, what would you say?

"Everything is connected and everything matters... now isn't that cool?" - I Heart Huckabees

Now that you've gotten to now Emilio and his art, drop him a line in the comments and show him some love! He's on the fast track to successes in the art world and I have no doubt we will see more great things from this guy. Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your talents with us, the world is a more symmetrical place because of you.

NEXT on the list for Panel #9 is making me so excited, I can hardly contain myself- REKALone of the Seventh Letter Crew is gonna lay down some fresh work on the panel down in good ol' LOS ANGELES, baby! Holy hell, you better be excited too!

Spread the word! Spread the love! Spread the ART!


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