Hey art headz!

I am so thrilled to announce that the first panel of El Travo Collabo '09 has arrived as a completed work of art, and I CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT IT!  There is so much art and madness on this thing that's hard for me to look away! I took as many pictures as possible so you can have a good idea of what it looks like, but i guarantee you it's sooooo much better in person! These snapshots don't do it justice, but it will have to do for now- ENJOY!!!! [hit us back with comments, we dig those!]

Here she is! Bask in her glory!
 Close-up on my section- My heart bleeds for art:

Top-O-The panel [arteries by me, characters by Forest Stearns]:
Close-up on Danee123's stencil skills [I love his subtle nuances and details!]: 
Check out more of his awesome work *here*

Detail shot on Danee123's piece: 

I didn't realize this section of insanity until I received the panel the other day! judging the style, I'm pretty damn sure Danee123 did it! I love you man! 

Oscar Padilla's sneaky little green guy:
Check out more of Oscar's paintings and murals *here*

Letters by Forest Stearns:

Check out that detail work:
To see more of his amazingly inspiring work and all of the other mega-star collaborations [like the one with DJ Shadow...yup, Sh-sh- Shadooow], go *here*

Funky planes and white trash flamingos, Crash n burn McGurn is bringing sexy back:
Poppies, M-yeeees, poppies [Wizard of Oz anyone? no?...ok..]:

Lovely beetle by Tony Van Groningen [thanks again Tony!]

I love how some sections wrapped around the sides of the panel. Here's another view of Tony's beetle:
You can view his professional work [yeah, that's right- artists CAN pay the bills!] and contact him  *here*

All artists signed the back of the panel, kind of making it like a second work of art:
Oscar Padilla:
the Stearns:
C-Burn McGurn:

Very few things in my life have been seen through from conception to final execution, which makes me very proud of this completed work of art. If this piece of birchwood could talk, I can only imagine the things it would say! It traveled nearly 2,000 miles by land, air, foot and bike [thanks Oscar  :)  ] and now it an rest a few months until we display the completed series [more on that soon to come!]

One last thank you to the artists involved: You guys are all so talented and have assisted me in executing one my visions to make it a reality, I can't express exactly what that means to me, but it's an amazing feeling!

So, since that took us nearly 5 MONTHS to complete, I decided to send out 3 panels at once so we can stay on track with the deadline for the art shows next year [I know, next year sounds so far away, but trust me- It will be here in NO time at all!] . ALSO- I have decided to do the NON-CALI residents panel, now that I have a handful of artists who live outside of the states. it's going to be so freaking cool to see what comes next, I hope i can stay on track with all of the postings!


"Art is a passion or it is nothing." Robert Fry

Peace and love to all~ Thanks for stopping by! 


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  1. holla at me about your next art show. i wanna roll.

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