Beetle from the Vulcan

Hey everyone~

The newest and the truest work has just been added to the panel, and I can officially say that Panel #1 is COMPLETE!

Before I show off the panel in all of it's glory, check out the addition by free-lance graphic designer Tony Van Groningen:

Tony kind of got bombarded by the travo collabo, and he was a real good sport about it [thanks Tony!].  He is a long time friend of travo collabo contributer Forest Stearns and he happened to be in town when the panel made it's way back to the city by the bay. Check out his work online at http://www.tonyvg.info/ .  Check out the mini-interview:

ETC: What is your name, and do you have an a.k.a or anything like that
TVG: Tony Van Groningen, a.k.a. tonybricker

ETC: What do you do for a living?
TVG: Graphic design / information design

ETC: How did you get started in art?
TVG: I've been drawing since my mom gave me that very first crayon...

ETC: As artists, our styles can constantly change and evolve over the years- How has your style, or perspective on art, changed [if it has at all] since you first started pursuing art as a hobby and then as a career?
TVG: My style has changed so much. When I was a little kid all I would draw were cars and animals and Disney characters. When I was first starting to think about refining my skills in high school, all I ever drew were comic book characters and monsters and aliens, and some more "serious" still life and landscape stuff for school. I got into a studio art program for college and learned a ton about the wide world of fine art, it was really eye opening, and I grew to appreciate the value of social commentary and conceptual forces in art. At the same time, I thought a lot of fine art was overly intellectual and ultimately ineffectual, and I kind of got disgusted with a lot of it. Now I am at a point where I just like what I like for my own reasons, and in my own work, now I get bored really easily if I make similar things over and over in content or in technique. 

ETC: What would be your idea of the ULTIMATE collaboration?
TVG: Let's get fantastic and say a huge piece with James Jean, Moebius, and Syd Mead working on some deep psychologicalfuturescience, with Buckminster Fuller and Roger Waters consulting. 

ETC: What is your favorite medium to work with?
TVG: I love ballpoint pen, or ballpoint pen on top of watercolor. Gouache + india ink is something I have been enjoying a lot recently.

ETC: What inspires you the most?
TVG: Beauty, music, nature, technique, ability, fantasizing/daydreaming, people that are smarter than me
ETC: Will we see Tony Van Groningen on the Collabo again? [in other words, would you be up for throwing down some more paint on another panel?!
TVG: I am definitely up for throwing down again the next time I am in the Bay Area...
Thanks for that Tony~ Next up- the final work! 

Peace and love to all! 

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