"We live to create..."

El Travo Collabo hits the road! I just finished my section of the FIRST panel [16 x 20] and now the birchwood panel is set to begin it's 453 mile journey to Long Beach where my good friend, and heterosexual lifemate, CrashnBurn McGurn will attack it with her psychedelic-rock-n-roll painting skillz! 
My section of the panel is pretty simply, I just had the image of giving an inanimate object a breath of life, so I went with a super stylized bleeding heart with my signature gold rays in the background. Pretty simple this round, so next time i get that wooden baby in my hands, I'm going to have to really push it.
Travo Collabo contributor, Forest Stearns [www.draweverywhere.com], suggested that I consider a canvas scroll instead of a panel for the 2nd round. At first I thought "no", because I wanted to keep every thing uniform, but now that I think about it, a scroll is much easier to handle and ship AND it would give artists much more space to work with... thinking about it... hit me up and let me know what you think.
Creamos para vivir y vivimos para crear. [We create to live, we live to create]


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  1. Come to think of it, i think Mr. Stearns has a good point of view on the conveniance of shiping and space... but, in comparison to a surface to create upon, i'd rather work with a flat birchwood panel that illuminates the lead strokes of a 3H lyra art design pencil stick-then a scrolled up canvas... But at the end, the product of the artist's skill still remains the same as we work with the surface provided upon recival...Live, to create...Create to live,...Feel ALIVE!